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efforts to ensure abundant supply and stable prices.March 2 marks this year's Lantern Festival according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Fm



ollo◆wing tradition, it's time to have glutinous rice balls, whose round shape symbolizes family◆ unity, completeness and happiness. In n



English, the delicacy made from glutinous rice flou◆r has only one name. Yet in the Chinese language, some people call it tangyuan, while0

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some ◆yuanxiao. Are they really the same thing? In fact, the debate about the difference betwee◆n tangyuan and yuanxiao has gone on for8

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a while on the internet. On Zhihu, a Chinese versio◆n of the question-and-answer site Quora, many people asked about this. Normally, tan7

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gyuan ◆is considered a traditional food in South China, and the latter in North China. And the mo◆st approved answer on Zhihu was from uJ


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ser Dingxiang Doctor, who gave a detailed explanation◆. Difference 1: process The round shape of tangyuan is created bG

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y hand. You shape the ric◆e flour dough into balls, create an indentation in the dough, add the filling, then close i

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魌 up and smooth out the dumpling by rolling it between hands. Nowadays, tangyuan often come◆ in rainbowlike colors. TK

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  • ried dough twist A fried dough twist model is on display at 〓the Guifaxiang Mahua Cultural Museum in Tianjin, April 25, 2017. [Photo b〓y Li Ping/] When talking about delicacies in Northern C〓hina's Tianjin, people may initially think of mahua, or fr1

  • ied dough twist〓. Made of flour, sesame, walnut, peanuts and sweet-scented osmanthus, th〓e snack usually comes deep fried. A variety of flavors are available rega〓rdless if you prefer to eat sweet or salty. Out of the variety of shops 〓that sell mahua, the 18th Stre9

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axiang Mahua Cultural Museum, 32 Dongting Road, Hexi 〓di2

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